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Thank you for staying focused on this important issue. We the people deserve transparency and accountability.

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Great work as always. I heard someone say once that the other 5 hospitals in Queens had been closed, forcing Elmhurst to be the only one running, and thus appearing to look like "the hospitals" were slammed. Have you seen any data to support this idea that some hospitals were closed during this period? Have you looked into it? Very curious about this....

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The NYDOH is hiding the data, our data, because you have figured out their lying scheming fraud. Thank you for your diligence.

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In such a situation as this it's best to start with the assumption, "They lied and are lying about everything", and work back from there.

Covid-19 is a false flag event, your classic circuit breaker, the biggest in known human history.

The entire phony pandemic is the product of decades of planning. There was no pandemic.

Even with complete control of media the perpetrators ensured that the public had a false choice presented repeatedly-natural/pangolin/wet market vs lab based/GoF. They control every story so fully that its certain that they chose to put that story out there and return to it repeatedly. The effect is to make it unthinkable that there wasn’t a virus.

Most of the "acceptable dissenting voices" parrot the Big Lie that there was something new and bad out there- there wasn't. Embedding a Big Lie inside additional onion layers of manufactured controversies is the preferred modus operandi for maintaining the propagation of the Lie.

“COVID” is a myth- it's money laundering pure and simple.

The scam phase of the debacle is over, kind of like groping over bodies for loose change before calling the ambulance. Pretty soon Big Pharma will have stolen more money and killed more people than the Military Industrial Complex, quite an accomplishment. My hope is that this destroys forever the idea that Doctors and the Medical establishment have some sort of golden halo, its a poison distribution guild, backed by officers of the State, running up the tab at the public coffers, and swimming in sanctimonious arrogance.

“Covid-19” was and is a business plan not a medical emergency. It was a globally coordinated psychological warfare operation by the ruling class. The amount of propaganda and censorship alone should provoke inquiry - a real pandemic would not require such information management.

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The need for a serious audit of the state’s numbers is glaring. Because of the downstream impact from the perceptions based around the situation in NYC, this is even worse than the trillions unaccounted from the Pentagon over the years.

Keep going. So important!

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You are a warrioress for truth and justice! Don't know

if you are a person of faith, but may I say, God bless you

and your efforts!

I have one comment and one question pertaining to

your "What We Need Immediately" section.

Comment on your point #1:

I'm always appalled at the ease and frequency that

governmental bodies hire consultants to examine/assess, whatever

it is they need examined/assessed. Just RIDICULOUS! --- and most likely

than not, its a way of paying off donors, pals, etc... , rather than to learn

what they probably already know. $4.3 million. Wowww.

How'd you learn that they had hired this firm? I'd say, give (some of it)

to Wood House 76!!

Question on your point #4:

You've been writing about the difficulty you are encountering getting

the info you request. In your opinion, would you say that their records,

etc... are such a mess or even non-existent, that they put you off so they

don't have to admit that, or do they just not want their numbers to get

out because of what they will show once they are properly examined and

made public?

Would love to hear, and thank you!

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Thank you for excellent work. Chapeau bas.

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Typo in graph:

"New York City Daily Hospital Inpatient Deaths (All Causes), 1/1/2019 - 12/31/3030"

This should say "1/1/2019 - 12/31/2020" so you'll need to replace the image.

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thank you

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Many died w mysterious illness or their conditions worsened after the sh*ts were rolled out. Is anyone discussing that some hospitalizations were after the shot?

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Great work! The more I read what you write, the more I am convinced of the fraud. What a disgrace! Just an observation: On your second figure (graph), which shows total beds occupied and "beds occupied by covid positive patients", I have a high suspicion that "covid positive patients" consisted in the majority of people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on a PCR test, which was done because they did the test on everyone (people with gunshot wounds, gallbladder stones, strokes, heart attacks, car accidents...). I am almost sure that most of them did not have covid. But of course, I cannot prove that.

Keep up your work.

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If you really want that data, lawyer up and file it as an FOIA and prepare to litigate them over a long drawn out 2 year court case.

They won't be giving it out any other way. They will stonewall, and just short of you having an insider who is willing to leak (either out of decency or for a reward), there isn't much else you can do as an approach.

...Well, besides having someone join them as a new employee, climb the ranks and then release the information. But then it is almost certainly faster to litigate for it. And more legal.

But... this is not legal advice, speak with a lawyer.

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In an email conversation with an IT specialist at Elmhurst hospital (the epicenter of the epicenter) in April 2020, he wrote that the hospital was fairly empty and not overwhelmed at all. The nurses said they were told they were in the calm at the center of the storm. The hospital protocol at that time was to turn away covid infected experiencing mild symptoms. They should come back when they were in respiratory distress. Whereupon they were put on ventilators and given remdesivor. In England I have read those in respiratory distress were given morphine and midazolam, both of which suppress respiration. Any guesses as how this effected the death rate from covid 19.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but "peak census" doesn't mean total cumulative/unique patients, right? in which case, does that make it problematic to compare with cumulative deaths?

Also, is there anything we can do to help get the data you need?

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have you considered sending this to the tips line at nypost?

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