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There was a tall, bespectacled guy with his own podcast, who was walking the streets of New York City during those early weeks & interviewing ambulance drivers, the police, & people walking in and out of hospitals. All of the ones willing to talk to him essentially said that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, and, in fact, things were a bit slow. I just went through my emails and found some links to his work, but they were all on YouTube, and have, of course, since been pulled down. I drove around to hospitals here in SF, and found the same level of (non-) activity. If I can somehow find his name or other links, I'll post them.

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Thanks. I think I know which videos you're talking about and have seen a few.

This goes back to the question I posted earlier this week: What exactly was The Emergency? https://www.woodhouse76.com/p/the-emergency

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if we're talking about the same youtuber (i've mentioned him to you before), i think we should try to make two of you make contact somehow. he has crazy amount of video evidence day by day that's not online: pretty much every major hospital, multiple funeral homes, graveyards, just everything NY from those days. he has never done any interviews but it would be a shame if the world can't see all this evidence, especially combined with your data analysis.

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That would be a good match, yes!

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Hi again Jessica, had some time to figure out how to track down Jason Goodman's crowdsourcethetruth videos from those 1st few weeks in NYC. Not sure who has time to sift through them and give better outlines (maybe I can volunteer to do a few, but am pretty busy on the weekends w/the RFK Jr. street campaign) but I feel your NYC research is the most important single deep dive that needs to be done. Here they are (there are some more, too, but these seemed most relevant):







































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I've always found it interesting that Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is located in the Corona health district of NYC.

Corona Virus.

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Found him! crowdsourcethetruth. Here's one of those early videos on Bitchute:


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Jason from "crowdsourcethetruth" is not the content creator i'm talking about. he hasn't covered "corona" subject on the streets of NY per se although he does walk around a lot.

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Jason is different from the man you’re talking about, but he did do some walking around and good questioning of Cameron Kyle-Sidell and Colleen Smith early on.

See thread https://x.com/wood_house76/status/1689831780482793472?s=46

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I lived on the upper west side of Manhattan until fall of 2021. I knew only one person who had a cold for a few days; everyone else stayed healthy. Once the lockdown started, I heard no sirens for weeks. None. Normally I would hear a siren (ambulance usually, sometimes police) several times an hour — city white noise. Walking around the cities, I’d see ambulances (2-4 parked together) doing nothing. I remember a number of people posting videos of hospitals — empty. Even Elmhurst hospital, apart from an initial flurry lasting less than a week, seemed largely deserted. Something was seriously off from the start …

Thank you for doing this work — we need to know exactly how we were played and the people responsible need to be held to account.

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You’re welcome and thank YOU for speaking up.

I think we are approaching the time when more people will be able to look back and ask tough questions about what actually happening.

We need more New Yorkers to summon that “WTAF?!?” attitude and demand answers.

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Same thing happened in Melbourne Australia. I'd ride my bike past one of the major hospitals in the area and during "peak" COVID it was practically empty. No ambulances outside, entire wings of the hospital with the lights off. That is in complete contrast to when peak vaccine was happening... Half a dozen ambulances ramped at any given moment, helicopters frequently airlifting patients, a lot of people showing up to emergency in cars. 🤷

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Legitimate questions. Given that alleged Chinese crisis acting propaganda was used to create hysteria in the US + world, why should we believe 'official' numbers without verification? (I say alleged because how do we know where those videos of people falling over in the streets really came from or why?) No one I know has died with or from covid or even been hospitalized. My former doctor was blogging about how he was treating the respiratory symptoms showing up in his patients in spring 2020, and was ordered to cease and desist by the FTC. His treatment was the same as how he would treat ANY respiratory illness and he was urging people to not let it turn into pneumonia since that can kill you. Our govt did not want his info out there. There are still too many questions and it's disappointing how almost no one is interested in finding out what really happened. Thanks for persisting.

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Given that alleged Chinese crisis acting propaganda was used to create hysteria in the US + world?

You nailed it. Beijing had alveolar lavage samples that has been smuggled out of Mass General by Chinese researchers. They saw the coverup and knew that China had maintained a 74,000-node COVID/SARS detection system that gave MDs one-click access to the CCDC. So they knew it was serious.

Over 2000 years China defeated the plagues that afflicted the West, thanks to vector tracing (mosquitos carry dengue, for example) and neighborhood lockdowns.

As part of China's preparation for nuclear war (in addition to 6 months of fuel and 34 months of food stored for everyone) Covid was a God-given opportunity to stage a civil defense drill, and that's what they did.

A medical biologist friend in Beijing sent me this email in February, 2020, alerting me to this fact:

"I actually find the response by the Chinese government to be extremely interesting. It seems like it’s overblowing the matter on purpose. Considering the low number of cases (compared to China’s population) and low death rates, it feels like the Chinese government is overblowing fears on purpose, with maps filled with dark areas and shutting down everything everywhere (and this is during China’s most important holiday season).

I suspect it’s practicing for when a Really serious disease breaks out, the sort with people dying like flies. So I find all this fuss quite interesting. We’ve been warned about a potential superbug outbreak for years, and now we can see how the response will look like. No doubt the Chinese government is busy taking notes on what it could have done better.

Not to mention, I don’t think most Westerners realize just how big Wuhan is, just how significant Chinese New Year is in terms of people moving around and just how many people go in and out of those wet markets every day. That’s like, tens of thousands of people leaving the wet markets, taking public transport then going home to expose all their visiting relatives, and all those people in turn going to all sorts of crowded areas too. With a high enough contagion rate, we’d easily be at 1 million infected. The fact that we haven’t reached such numbers means that this virus isn’t That bad".

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Wasn’t China and it wasn’t a single county, or a country per se.

Nobody but nobody did COVID propaganda better than the U.S. in March and April 2020.

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I was living and working in NYC at a very large organization at the time. Supposedly a couple people at my workplace passed (who I didn’t know) but we were remote and I never went back to the office after lockdown so I never verified it. I don’t know a single person directly who died from COVID. I had lived and worked there for several years, so it’s not like I didn’t know anyone.

The dead body trucks that the City set up on Randall Island really shocked me when I went on a leisurely run there in lockdown. However, in retrospect they were ALL EMPTY... as was the Navy hospital ship and the Javits Center...

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Didn’t hear too many ambulances. I lived in a almost side street in an quiet neighborhood so it wouldn’t make much sense to have.

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Can you say the general area in which you live?

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I left during lockdown so no problem. I was in the upper east side a few avenues from the river.

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Helpful, thanks.

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Wondering if they "padded" the numbers early on (for propaganda purposes) expecting that many (or more) to eventually die - kinda pre-dating what they expected would die, but then the surge in deaths never came and they had no way to "back out" the padded numbers.

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Yes, that's one of my more generous theories about what could've happened. Counting and reporting deaths in real time isn't a thing -- and shouldn't be a thing.

That kind of excuse is exactly what I would expect from any disclosure that occurs within the next 6 months or so.

And/or something along the lines of

"Oops, we got confused."

"Oops, we double-counted deaths at home as hospital deaths."

"Oops, those were supposed to be deaths in other NY state counties, not NYC."

"Oops, we had a new record system."

That's why all daily hospital data needs to be released as well. I can think of a lot of ambulance data we need too.

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Outstanding work and questions. Thanks, Jessica. I've reported that school closings "for illnesses" were way up compared to the previous 10 or 20 flu seasons (possible exception January 2018) in the pre-Covid months and weeks. Why would this be the case? My first "early spread" article was on the December 2019 cases of Tim and Brandie McCain of rural Sylacauga, Alabama. Brandie McCain told me that it seemed like "half" her town was sick at the same time that FIVE people in her house were sick.

My wife is a school teacher of a school that did not shut down in January 2020. However, I was sick and both my kids were sick in January 2020. One day when I was in bed with what I still think was Covid, my wife came home and told me that "half" of her students in one of her classes were out sick. My own doctor told me his "gut instinct" was that Covid was here earlier. An administrator at the big medical clinic that treated me told me everyone who works at this clinic (which serves 12 counties) "thought there was something wrong with the flu tests." Huge numbers of people were coming in sick, and getting flu tests ... that were negative.

Nobody I'm aware of in Troy, Alabama had "flu-like symptoms" in April 2020. But probably 25 percent of the population did between late November and early February. Do the anecdotes matter? Do "symptoms" matter?

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Anecdotes always matter as one piece of the puzzle.

School closure data has limitations, as I know we've discussed before. I checked the data for my county (DuPage, second largest in Illinois, adjacent to Cook County) and the closures and reported student absences weren't remarkable. 2017-2018 was worse. So it just depends.

It would be interesting to see reported illness by flu shot status.

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Here's the list I came up with for neighboring Ohio. I found six schools/school systems that closed in Illinois.

OHIO - At least 30 school districts and/or individual schools were closed by the end of January 2020

Centerville City Schools

East Dayton Christian School

Wenzler Daycare and Learning Center

Wilmington City Schools

Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools

Washington Court House City Schools - “spent three weeks with 20 percent of the student body out sick.”

Ashland Crestview School district - “Crestview superintendent, said there were so many staff absences the district was concerned about proper student supervision. “

Loudenville-Perrysville Local Schools 

R.F. McMullen Elementary

Adena Local Schools

Grace Life Christian Childcare

Granville Christian Academy

Huntington Local Schools

Logan Hocking Local Schools

New Lexington City Schools

Pickaway Ross Vocational Center

The Charles School at ODU

Waverly City Schools

YouthBuild Columbus Community School

Zane Trace Local

Chillicothe City Schools 

Southern Local Schools

Green Local 

Northwest Local in Scioto County

Miami Trace Local School District

Crossroads Christian Academy

Marion Preparatory Academy - “Closed a week ago (January 10) …because of the flu. The school's principal said 40% of her students were out with it in the first week of January.”

Cardinal Local Schools

Crestview Local Schools

Westerly Elementary School in Bay Village


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It depends on the area and these "flu" outbreaks happened or peaked at different times. Here's an excerpt from my first "school closing story" that shows what was happening in my neck of the woods in late January and early February 2020. From The Dothan (Alabama) Eagle on Feb. 7, 2020:

“Southeastern Alabama continues to be hit the hardest, with 12.6% of all doctor visits due to influenza-like illness; that means about 1 in 8 patients were seen for flu-related symptoms from Jan. 25 to Feb. 1.

“12.6 percent ILI visits” is off-the-charts. (Both of my children and I contributed to this eye-opening percentage of doctors’ visits.)

Also, school closings wouldn't capture any outbreaks if they happened when school was on break, which is apparently what happened in neighboring Georgia:

"Especially in the South, the biggest spike in ILI cases in many states in America occurred in late December (around Christmas through the first days of January). For example, in the last week of December in Georgia, ILI percentages were 12.2 percent, a staggering percentage)."

Those "ILI percentages" are from the Georgia Department of Public Health, which, as you well know, charts ILI every week. The "baseline" in this flu season was 2.6 percent ILI. The vast majority of states in America exceeded this baseline for a record 23 consecutive weeks in this flu season.

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Thanks for writing this up.

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"the federal government sent 291 military medical personnel to be dispatched to NYC Health+ Hospitals"

Would it be worth FOI'ing what type of military medical personnel they had sent?

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I have related FOI requests in progress

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You might want to encourage your readers to file their own (polite!) FOIs if they also have the time, asking about 'less pertinent' but still useful things to know (sometimes organisations won't notice 'nibbling around the edges' and give incomplete clues).

For example, get some people to ask what the staffing levels were on whatever timeline breakdown you can think of (per week will be harder for them to fake than per month).

If the hospitals were operating at full capacity, we'd expect an "all hands on deck" (the NHS equal is a "condition black").

Here's my list of things readers should ask (I would but I'm still working on a key story re: plasmids), one per reader:

- How many staff were on duty on XYZ day(s)/week(s) (only pick days/weeks relating to surge period)

- How many beds were occupied (weekly breakdown) during surge period

- How many admissions occurred (weekly breakdown) during surge period

- If the hospital had on-site meal ordering, how many meals were ordered in with a weekly breakdown

- How many discharges occurred (Why? Because if they discharged another 2-5k patients it adds to the absurdity)

It isn't simply a case of them faking deaths. They'd have to fake the entire numerical process end-to-end: admissions, staff numbers, bed occupancy, meal quantity, discharges, number of ambulances.

Get your readers to pick at the trivial, 'less important stuff', as each piece will help unravel the lie.

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In case this is confusing: "That’s close to 10,000 dead patients in three weeks that normally see ~2,000," refers to March 21 to April 11. 9,815 deaths I believe. Not the three peak weeks, but the first three "pandemic" weeks.

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Will fix, thanks

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SOOOO interesting! Don’t give up! The people I know who were in NYC at the time were traumatized by the sound of sirens. How strange that ambulance-transported numbers are down 🤔. I also know the people who started “Feed the Frontlines” but they are adamant CDC supporters so I haven’t bothered to ask them what they think. Any response from morgues or funeral directors? And on an earlier graph linked in the footnotes, why does the black line for ICU occupied beds only start mid Feb (about)? No data from before?

I can’t wait for more to be revealed on this! Any chance we can expect real death certificates?

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The hospital dataset begins on March 26, 2020, which is the day after the CARES Act was passed.


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How about the undertakers?

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Seems they have been very quiet... or censored / shadow-banned. A few have been willing to talk about the white clots, however.

As for 2020-2021, funeral director John O'Looney came out early on with what he was seeing in the UK. I transcribed an excerpt of what he had to say at this link:


Funeral Director John O'Looney Speaks Out (Excerpt)

"All I can tell you is, my experience as a funeral director, and I have washed and dressed well over 100 covid cases now, many of them still warm, you're being lied to. You're being lied to."

Source video:

"Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid"

John O'Looney interviewed by Max Igan

September 16, 2021,


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Very good thinking Jessica. It seems unlikely. Only death certificates can offer an answer.

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Death certificates are the starting point, but it's the hospital data that will tell the tale on this front.

My guess is the feds know exactly what's going on.

My other guess is that COVID does not only mean what we've been told it means.

That's how they're going to try to get out of this years from now.

U07.1 being under the U chapter is no mistake. They know darn well these deaths will have to go somewhere eventually and be reclassified.

But my posts lately are less about COVID vs non-COVID than they are about the all-cause death curve. I don't think we can assume the NYC curves are an honest reporting of deaths that occurred each day, in the places of death claimed.

The most egregious of the claims is the hospital deaths time-series.

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yes the feds know exactly what's going on because the hospitals were incentivized for every "covid" death. can we foia the payout data by hospital and date?

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The totals are already reported. I’m not sure that would help, as we already have the number of COViD deaths each hospital reported from 3/26/20 onward.

What’s reported/claimed matters less than what actually occurred.

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wondering how granular the money trail is...or not at all. either way i smell big fraud.

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FEMA funeral assistance is a good check. I’ve submitted a relevant FOI

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Some good sleuthing in that direction has been done by A.J. DePriest and her group.

See for example:

AJ DePriest on the Funding Driving the Covid Mandates

Mike Dakkak

April 3, 2022


Also at:


DESCRIPTION: AJ DePriest of the Tennessee Liberty Network joins ITN to discuss her organization’s findings on the Federal Government’s funding mechanisms that drive much of the Covid hysteria. Learn about the funding mechanisms in your state on Telegram at FindMyTakedownGroup. Email AJ at KickCommieAss[at]protonmail[dot]com. Find Covid education and patient advocacy at TheAdamGroup.net.


Mike Dakkak's In the News podcast home page is https://itnshow.com



[Discussing a bill that allows Ivermectin to be sold over-the-counter in Tennessee pharmacies]

MIKE DAKKAK: I was shocked to learn that Ivermectin has a better safety record than Tylenol.

A.J. DEPRIEST: Tylenol, yeah, yeah, more people have died from Tylenol than Ivermectin.

MIKE DAKKAK: So you said something that was interesting there. You said a few, several physicians showed up to kind of push for this bill. That's kind of refreshing. Are you finding that there are a lot of doctors and medical professionals who have, are kind of shaking off the shackles that the CDC had placed on them and are finally speaking their minds?

A.J. DEPRIEST: I can tell you our lawmakers are happier about the Ivermectin because a lot of them have had covid and they took Ivermectin. And they're not afraid to talk about it. But I think a lot of doctors even in hospitals would love to prescribe Ivermectin because I think even in hospitals doctors know that the remdesivir and the NIH protocol, the remdesivir, the ventilator protocol is very bad and deadly. But they are just, they're locked down from prescribing it and, because it's not, it doesn't, it doesn't reimburse as much, they're not covered under the PREP Act* for liability, for anything but that very strict one-size-fits-all NIH protocol of remdesivir to ventilator. So I think if it came down to it doctors in hospitals would prescribe Ivermectin if they could. And I know doctors outside of hospitals like in private practice and who do telehealth, they prescribe it all the time.

MIKE DAKKAK: Well I mean one of the more startling revelations that you and your organization Tennessee Liberty Network has uncovered is this kind of de facto kind of coercion of our medical system through funding.


MIKE DAKKAK: And that's how they're, they're getting them to prescribe certain medications and not prescribe other medications.

A.J. DEPRIEST: Right. Yeah. CMS which is the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare**, they were basically weaponized by the CARES Act*** to offer a lot of things to hospitals that were related to the covid diagnosis. They even set up its own ICD code. [inaudible] ICD 9s, now now ICD 10 is the covid code, so it has its own. And they set up what's called DRGs which are Diagnosis Related Groups. And all— when a covid patient comes in the door, somebody who is suspected of covid or even if they're not covid and they label them covid, then they get set up so that every single thing that happens to them is per a very strict regimen. They're given x-number of days of remdesivir, x-number of days in doses of dexamethasone, x-number of days in doses of [inaudible] etcetera, and then usually dialysis. Because covid doesn't cause you to need dialysis, remdesivir does.

MIKE DAKKAK: Remdesivir.

A.J. DEPRIEST: So dialysis is a DRG. And then the ventilator is a DRG. And what we did was we found the pricing on all of these DRGs with their individual weights and we figured out every single thing that happened inside of a hospital to a covid patient, or somebody that's labeled as covid,

we figured out, we have the whole entire spread sheet of the DRGs associated with covid and how much those pay. And then what happens at the end of the day when the patient discharges, usually dead, unfortunately, um, that total is added up and then a 20% bonus is added on because of the DRGs. It's a 20% bonus. [rifling through papers] And then another bonus, and this is what a lot of people don't know, is that another bonus is added on that is [rifling through papers] let me find it I'll tell you what it is exactly, it's very interesting. Because a lot of people talk about this bonus, this 20% bonus, but there's actually two 20% bonuses.

MIKE DAKKAK: I mean, first of all, it's just it's bizarre to set it up this way. Hey, we're going to give you a bonus if you administer x drug...

A.J. DEPRIEST : Yeah they're killing people. Yeah.

MIKE DAKKAK: Whoever heard of such a thing?

A.J. DEPRIEST: Killing people. Yeah, So they get the first bonus, and I'll find it here, and um, and, and what's really interesting is that all of this is going on because we are under a public health emergency on a federal level, the PHE, and that has been renewed every 3 months since January of 2020. And our Congress actually voted to end the public health emergency on August 3rd, but you know, Ukraine, you know, laptop, shiny things, so they don't want people to know, 48 to 47 they voted to end the public health emergency, it went to Biden's desk and he's vetoing it. Why? Because the public health emergency perpetuates all of this. If the public health emergency ended, all of this extra money going to hospitals for covid patients would dead stop.

MIKE DAKKAK: That is the original sin, isn't it?


MIKE DAKKAK: That's what makes everything else possible.

A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah. And the PREP Act liability immunity for everything that's happening in the hospitals, what they call [makes air quotes with fingers] covered countermeasures, including vaccine injuries associated with the covid shot, all that liability immunity would end if the public health emergency ended. If people knew this they would be in DC kicking in the doors to get them to end that.

MIKE DAKKAK: Give us a little bit of an idea of how much money we're talking. How much money do hospitals get for every patient that's tests positive for covid, every patient that's put on a ventilator, every patient that has–—

A.J. DEPRIEST: What state are you in? What state are you in, I'll tell you how much your state is getting.

MIKE DAKKAK: I am in the great state of New Jersey.

A.J. DEPRIEST: OK. Well New York and New Jersey didn't get as much as say, West Virginia was getting. In 2020, West Virginia got 471,000 dollars for every covid admission in the hospital.

MIKE DAKKAK: Half a million dollars nearly!

A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah. Yeah, 471,000. And um, and I think New York was [looking at computer screen on her desk] let me find the [inaudible] site, I think New York was um, like 12,000. But the way they set up distribution of this first set of covid funding to hospitals, they didn't set it up according to where the greatest number of covid cases were, like you would think that would be important. But no, they looked at the Medicare billing for the year before and whoever had the most Medicare and Medicaid billing, that's who they gave the most money to. That's how you know that the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, CMS, that they're behind everything. And when I say everything, I mean, all these really horrible things we're seeing in hospitals, like those are all driven by what was called CMS waivers. CMS issued waivers to hospitals while we're under a under a public health emergency that would allow them to completely throw out the door their patient bill of rights. Yeah. They don't have to create patient care plans, Medicare patients don't need an MD assigned to them. They can leave patients alone for up to 48 hours without food or water or any kind of personal care. I mean there are just pages and pages of waivers that CMS offered hospitals all in the name of the public health emergency. Let me find the, let me find the [inaudible]. [Looking on computer] We'll see here, I'll find it. It's really interesting how they broke it down.

MIKE DAKKAK: This is what is so insidious to me, they, so they don't give anybody specific orders, hey, you know, fudge the numbers on your covid patients, or put people on ventilators so their conditions can worsen. But they set the stage, they set the framework, and they incentivized certain behavior and they deincentivize other behavior—


MIKE DAKKAK: And then everything just kind of goes on autopilot from there.

A.J. DEPRIEST: It is, it is autopilot. It is a very strict one-size-fits-all protocol and it includes what they call covered countermeasures. And it is remdesivir, and all the drugs associated, all those cocktails of drugs associated with remdesivir, and dialysis, and the ventilator. And that's it. And if families can't even get high-dose vitamin IV therapy, they can't even get them to prone their loved ones, they can't get any of that because it's not part of the DRGs of that very strict covid hospital protocol. And so they financially incentivize, they stick with that very close protocol, and they disincentivize financially anything outside of that. And of course they get the big hand-slap because anything outside of those covered countermeasures, they could, if they were sued, they wouldn't be protected. The PREP Act just covers everything.

MIKE DAKKAK: Well that's one of the most important connections I think you and your team have made.


MIKE DAKKAK: So they set out these guidelines and if you follow them, you're indemnified. Anything goes wrong and—

A.J. DEPRIEST: Indemnified and you make bank. I mean [laughs]—

MIKE DAKKAK: You make a ton of money and there's no liability.



...notes continued in reply...

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# # #


See "Blood Money in US healthcare: Financial Incentives: The Use of Covered 'Countermeasures'"

summary brief, revised August 8, 2022

Copyright AJ De Priest and Tennessee Liberty Network


* "The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) provides immunity to qualified individuals.​"

See PREP Act Immunity from Liability for COVID-19 Vaccinators


**Centers for Medicare and Medicaid https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare

*** "The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) established the Coronavirus Relief Fund (Fund) and appropriated $150 billion to the Fund. Under the law, the Fund is to be used to make payments for specified uses to States and certain local governments; the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories (consisting of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands); and Tribal governments." See https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/cares-act-coronavirus-relief-fund-frequently-asked-questions

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Oh and I get high correlations for ACM throughout Q3/21 as well, using June as reference timeframe. I can use pre-2020 reference timeframes, but this decreases the correlation, because there is so much going on in 2020-2022 that is not related to vaccinations.

ACM is just not as strongly associated with UCOD=U07.1 mortality. Most of the correlation is due to U07.1. Non-UCOV=U07.1 mortality is only very very weakly correlated with first doses during the time in question.

As you know, we have different takes. The only way I can explain mortality is by acknowledging SARS-CoV-2 being responsible and first doses transiently increasing the risk of infection enhancement.

When I do that, the data make sense, regardless of whether or not I like it. (I don't, because it's very hard to sell this to people - other than that I just don't care as long as I can explain it).

I've had so many preconceptions that I had to drop over and over to understand the dynamics... Just painful.

The way I see it:

Direct vaccine mortality is almost negligible. Late 2021 mortality can be explained by infection enhancement and the psychosocial/socioeconomical impact of "measures to curb the spread" (the effect of the latter is present all throughout the 3 COVID years).

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The good part about this is that we can prove it if we can get our hands on PCR test results from individuals who became infected in Q3/2021 within days of their first dose.

There is not a single account of this subpopulation in the scientific literature (NOT ONE!), but these data DO exist. We just have to acquire it.

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Oct 8, 2023Liked by Jessica Hockett

The questions are excellent.

The data exists. The death certificates, the medical records. Clearly, they are being suppressed/withheld. Seems absolutely at odds with any desire to figure out what happened. One would think it would be priority one to dig and try to understand what happened, and how, given what an outlier the events around the time period in question are.

Anecdotal responses to your questions can be extremely valuable, especially from people who were in situations to observe and recount their first hand experiences. In some respects, even more valuable than numbers. Here’s hoping you get some responses of value.

Keep going!

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Thanks. All of the questions are also intended as "food for thought" for everyone. :)

It says much that there is no motivation to find out and disclose what happened.

At what point should we assume that's because a) what was done was the implementation of plans, not simply a "reaction," as people assume, and b) because the exception proves the rules?

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I would say it’s well past the point of anyone legitimately claiming a ‘botched’ response. If the botching ended up being so deadly, that is impetus to sift the data and uncover the clearest picture possible. Its really hard to say it’s anything but defense of the narrative at this point, and I think that’s being gentle.

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I’m left to assume that what happened is largely seen by Them -- whoever all that applies to -- as a success.

There is no intention of revisiting the five first months 2020 and reaching any conclusion other than “We should do more of the same thing, but harder and earlier next time. Ergo, we need more money and more preparedness.”

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I think that’s about right. There was enough dominance of the narrative to get what was desired. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t need to be. The fear just needed to last long enough to push the outcomes they wanted, and got a lot of people to believe in certain anchoring lies. Unfortunately, some of those key lies still have too many enchanted. Just like 9/11, it’s all directed at a never-ending war, or an ever-coming pandemic.

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"Ambulance dispatches were very high for 2-3 weeks, which makes sense with the high volume of 911 calls. But the data a lower-than-normal proportion of dispatches transported patients."

This should say "But the data show a lower-than-normal proportion..." or maybe "But a lower-than-normal proportion..."



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“Spectacular commitment to lies...”

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And they're getting away with because no one has called the bluff.

Getting away with it in the city where there's no shortage of journalists, no less.

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It really was beyond astonishing.

I assume you've seen this US gov't list of those media entities that took the silver, but for those who have not:


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It can't be so hard to find doctors who were practicing on covid wards back then and are willing to give you their impressions.

Maybe someone who goes out to interview staff could yield results?

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I've spoken with a couple so far - one a current employee and one claims to be a former employee.

There may be some very good reasons why we aren't hearing from who we would expect to be hearing from.

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EM Doc has done that in Naked Capitalism's comments.


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"It is crystal clear to me that the public health datasets have been fatally compromised. All of the narratives being poured forth on your TV are very likely fatally corrupted. I will give just one example so you will know what I am talking about.

I have not personally admitted a single patient since June to the hospital who was not fully vaxxed and/or boosted. Not one. From talk in the Doctor’s Lounge and at meetings, I can tell the same thing is happening to others. There may be an occasional unvaxxed patient here or there – but the vast vast majority of admissions are vaxxed and boosted."

Precisely why I avoid data stratified by vaccination status like the plague. Can't trust those at all.

Mortality and age-stratified vaccination data aren't lying though. They tell the story in the US, but the dynamics are very complex and few seem to have the patience to even try to understand them.

People want simple explanations, but things aren't simple at all.

As long as the data are not understood we will be seeing new products being approved.

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Why do you assume all-cause death and vax status data are uncompromised? That data are managed by the same agencies.

I agree people want simple and easy explanations for a complex set of events.

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This won't help you with the early-2020 situation though. We have different takes on that. You may not like my explanation of what happened in 2021, but the way I am approaching this I can at least explain the summer death wave pretty well (using first doses), so I hope you'll keep an open mind when I'm done.

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I'm not interested in 2021 in the same way you are.

I don't have a closed mind about it; I know that the confounders multiply exponentially as time went on.

But there's no reason to believe that, ACM-wise, there wasn't an effect of kicking the can down the road and reclassifying.

Assuming that ACM is unassailable in, IMO, a mistake -- a mistake I've made myself.

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"But there's no reason to believe that, ACM-wise, there wasn't an effect of kicking the can down the road and reclassifying."

Well if that is the case I'm happy if someone can clear it up, but for now the correlation between first doses UCOD=U07.1 deaths during Delta is too strong to be ignored. The dynamics make the most sense to me if infection enhancement is the mechanism by which this mortality occurred, because the impact of vaccinations changes, depending on which phase of the wave the "vaccines" are injected into.

Any direct effect on mortality that does not depend on an infectious particle should be observable regardless of when the doses are given in respect to viral prevalence.

"Assuming that ACM is unassailable in, IMO, a mistake -- a mistake I've made myself."

Can you explain what you mean by that?

In the phase I am observing, the difference between baseline excess deaths per 100k (pre-wave/June) and excess deaths per 100k in the observation period (Q3) is more or less equal to COVID deaths per 100k.

The remainder of excess deaths is present all throughout the previous months. They're mostly due to...

- despair in the younger tiers

- lack of access to the health system across all tiers

- fear and loneliness worsening the outcome of preexisting conditions among the higher tiers

But yeah, I understand this isn't your focus.

Nonetheless I'd like to ask you:

How convinced are you that the early 2020 deaths are not associated with SC2 infections?

I am not suggesting SC2 is the sole cause of death, but I think the diagnosis itself was more or less a death sentence during that time (due to the outright toxic WHO recommendations), hence I consider it highly likely that the early 2020 excess mortality is indeed associated with SC2 prevalence. We know how a positive death turned into a death, regardless of how low the IFR is without interference from the WHO.

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1. Because I am working with CDC data all day long and am finding very damning evidence (very strong state-level correlations between mortality and vaccinations).

2. I gather the CDC are aware of the situation from their public messaging and they have made no attempts to manipulate the data that would have sufficiently obfuscated the damning correlations I mentioned.

3. I have unanonymized death certificates from 2 states and don't find any fundamental differences to Wonder data

So while the data make sense to me and I would as far as to say I have a pretty good understanding of the dynamics, these dynamics are very complex. It isn't easily explained in a few sentences and I am struggling very hard to sum up my observations.

Short version: It doesn't matter so much what proportion of individuals received a dose, but when they received it.

The flaw in most analyses that attempt to find correlations between mortality and doses is not the data itself, but the attempt to correlate vaccination progress with mortality.

Another issue is that all the policies implemented in 2020 had a very strong impact on mortality, especially in younger age groups. E.g. mortality of external causes makes up 50% of national excess mortality in the 18-49 group throughout 2020-2022, so using pre-2020 data as reference timeframe is bound to fail. Unconventional reference timeframes can help if one does not want to create a complex model (which I surely don't). However for COVID mortality no reference timeframe is needed at all. The correlation between monthly UCOD=U07.1 deaths per 100k and first doses per capita peaks at r=0.95 for one age group (with a 10 day lag of first doses) and is very high in the others as well.

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Somehow I knew it was a scam from the beginning; knew that the fear porn, masking, “social distancing” and so forth was about control. I knew the shots were dangerous, part of a depopulation scheme. Everything in the city was stupid and wrong — and the government kept ramping up the tyranny. The direction the city and state were going was more than I could tolerate, so at 68 I moved to Florida where we have happy warriors and a relatively sane government. I miss the city, but what happened there was unconscionable — and keeps getting worse. It’ll be a 15 minute outdoor prison before long. (The absurdity of “outdoor dining” that meant restaurants expanded their space by building enclosed seating on the street still makes me laugh.)

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I think many people know it, deep down.

Even if the shots were saline (and I'm not alleging any such thing) mandating them was immoral.

The very real possibility that the "need" for a shot was predicated on lies about a sudden-spreading deadly coronavirus - with the most-populous city in America used to stage that spread - should deeply disturb everyone.

Floridians too :)

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Can Substack readers increase the “paid” ratio of Substack writers to, say, 10 percent? Right now it’s about 1 to 4 percent paid. What we have is about 100 fairly well-known “Covid writers” taking on 40,000 salaried MSM “journalists” …. It’s the “1 percent of the 1 percent” who are actually subsidizing the world’s “freedom” writers.


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A lot of the journalists are getting it wrong.

Which doesn't mean they're not doing good and necessary work. Even reporting of wrong things is important for the historical record.

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