Illinois K12 COVID Policy

Articles related to the implementation and effects of COVID Policy in Illinois K-12 schools.

A teen from a public high school in Wheaton, Illinois, pleaded with his school board to do something about social isolation. “I miss seeing others’ faces, and shudder to imagine that my fellow classmates might be as lonely as I am.”

In some high schools, parents from 145 school districts filing a lawsuit against the illegal school mask mandate in September 2021, was a apparently an invitation to enforce and justify compelling masking with even more gusto. Some especially mind-boggling examples comprise this “Wall of Shame.”

The ultimately-victorious lawsuit smartly identified that the Illinois communicable disease code defines as a mask as a form of modified quarantine subject to health department order and due process. I agreed and also argued it was a violation of religious liberty, as well as of who has authority to dictate school dress code (Hint: Not Governor Pritzker.)

Illegal & unethical “COVID” practices weaponized and degraded school nurses. Two emails are illustrative of the insanity.

It’s hard to listen to this passionate and heartbreaking in-person plea from sophomore Alyssa Casey to her school board without tearing up. “I only have two minutes, but I could talk for hours about everything wrong with the way children are being treated. This is abuse. For two years with no end.”

Many Illinois school districts took advantage of Judge Raylene Grischow’s temporary restraining order on February 4, 2022 and instantly made masks optional. Others, like Naperville 203, dug in - even when teachers like this one begged the Board to stop. “I am begging you to please stop this madness and allow for choice in masking. Your choice in continuing this policy is causing teachers, students and this community to break.”

Incredibly, even after the illegal mask mandate was lifted, the lawbreaking continued with exposure quarantines. The two anonymized examples here were both real students and events - both in the Chicago area (far north suburbs and North Shore, respectively).

Another example of anti-child policies that persisted at the end of the 2021-2022 school year in suburban Chicagoland.

The cause of death called “COVID-19” - whatever it is/was - did not increase the respiratory mortality burden for kids & teens. This was well-established even in early 2020 and became more obvious over time (with the CDC continually fudging data about the risks posed to children). What did increase were the non-natural causes of deaths that typically lead teen deaths in any year.

Dr. Todd Porter, a pediatrician from Quincy, Illinois, wrote a thoughtful and compelling op-ed in July 2022, urging county health departments and school districts to reject the state's interim COVID-19 guidance for schools. “It is time for parents and all medical clinics to stop routine testing for the mere purpose of chasing COVID-19 case counts. Instead, all children who are fever free for 24 hours and feeling well enough to attend school, childcare, or extracurriculars should be allowed to return as before regardless of etiology of infection.”

To date, Superintendent Jonathan Tallman is the only school leader (public or private) in the U.S. that I’m aware of who publicly apologized to parents. “I’m sorry that we forced your child to wear a mask, and excluded your healthy child from school if he/she was a close contact.” A good model for others to follow.

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