Jessica Hockett (PhD, University of Virginia) is an independent researcher focused on COVID events in early 2020, with an emphasis on the New York City death spike. She spent more than 20 years in the K-12 education sector as a middle school teacher, online graduate instructor, and consultant to schools, agencies, and non-profits. Her publications include numerous articles, reports, other academic/scholarly works, and several books.

Since the WHO pandemic declaration in March 2020, Jessica has used her investigative skills to push against government mandates, censorship, and false claims about COVID-19.  As part of that effort, she created a Twitter account under the literary pen name Emma Woodhouse. She became known in Illinois and beyond for directly challenging illegal orders & official COVID narratives using public data, sharp questions, and common sense. A number of her tweets are featured in Team Reality: Fighting the Pandemic of the Uninformed.

Jessica came to Substack in July 2021, when Twitter briefly suspended her account. A year later, she was again suspended for a tweet that directly quoted a Wall Street Journal reporter. Her Substack article about the incident was cited in an amicus brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in Murthy v. Missouri.

After homeschooling her two children in the 2020-21 academic year, Jessica assisted Liberty Justice Center in Chicago with media and data for cases the firm brought against COVID mandates and censorship. She also produced two studies though The National Opportunity Project – one on federal COVID dollars for private schools and the other on DEI hiring practices in public school districts.

Other COVID-Era advocacy Jessica is proud of includes planning & speaking at local anti-mandate events, pushing for open schools, fighting forced/compelled masking of children & adults, uncovering the University of Illinois’ false claims to an FDA EUA, detecting the CDC’s flawed reporting of COVID-19 deaths among children, and testifying as a data analyst in a vaccine mandate arbitration case.

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A grown-up Bicentennial Baby writing from a wood house. Currently researching the events of 2020, with a focus on NYC's mass casualty event and the disappearance of positive flu tests.


Independent researcher focused on COVID events in early 2020, with an emphasis on the New York City death spike. Writing from a wood house.