Presentations & Interviews

Presentation to PANDA

WATCH: Toward a New York City Hypothesis
New York City’s spring 2020 mass-casualty event is a global and domestic outlier that warrants closer scrutiny. How do common explanations for a weekly death rate that peaked at 600% above normal hold up against daily events and data points? In this two-part presentation, Dr. Jessica Hockett shares aspects of her hypothesis in progress about what happen…
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Interview with Randall Bock

Interview with Jonathan Couey

Wood House 76
Me & JJ Couey
I was honored this morning to be a guest on JJ Couey’s Gigaohm Biological broadcast. After chatting about schools & Covid - including the University of Illinois’ unethical saliva-test program - we dove into New York City’s spring 2020 mass casualty event…
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Interview with Chris Waldburger

Chris Waldburger
'Viruses Are Not Bombs'
This publication gained traction by identifying something starkly wrong with the covid narrative. In 2021, the British government was reporting far more covid deaths in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. These clear, accessible data points are important. They provide the hooks, the gateways, that allow people to feel comfortable with the gut-instinct …
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Interview with Naomi Wolf

Wood House 76
We Think the NYC 2020 Death All-Cause Death Curve May Be False: Interview with Naomi Wolf on Daily Clout
Naomi Wolf interviewed me and Jonathan Engler this week on the Daily Clout podcast about our recent PANDA article “Does New York City 2020 Data Make Any Sense?” (republished on Daily Clout, Brownstone Institute, and the PANDA Substack). Daily Clout chose the title…
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Interview with Mark Kulacz (Housatonic Live)

Wood House 76
YouTube Pulls Video of Me & Mark Kulacz Talking About New York City's Mass Casualty Event on Housatonic Live
Happy First Friday of December 2023! It’s been almost a year since my Twitter restoration and I’ve now poked the YouTube bear. Last night, the platform pulled a video of Mark Kulacz & me talking about New York City’s mass casualty event, shortly after the live premiere…
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Leslie Manookian/Health Freedom Defense Fund Podcast

Wood House 76
Talking About the New York City 2020 Death Spike with Leslie Manookian on the Health Freedom Defense Fund Podcast
I was honored last week to be Leslie Manookian’s guest on the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) podcast Conversations on Health Freedom. We walked through the specious official data for New York City’s 2020 death spike from an article that PANDA colleagues and I published last year…
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Mark Kulacz (Housatonic Live)

Wood House 76
Did Strategic Chemical Poisoning & Orders to EMS Trigger New York City's Spring 2020 Home Death Event?
I spoke with Mark Kulacz, archivist & host of Housatonic Live about disturbing data related to New York City’s spring 2020 home death event, which I believe could point to a strategic chemical poisoning event involving drugs. Whatever the truth is, Americans need and deserve answers about what happened in the city that took center stage in The Pandemic …
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IPAK-EDU Director’s Science Webinar

Interview with Miri AF

Miri’s Massive Missives
Miri Meets... Jessica Hockett
Jessica Hockett (PhD, University of Virginia) is an independent researcher focused on COVID events in early 2020, with an emphasis on the New York City death spike. Since the WHO pandemic declaration in March 2020, Jessica has used her investigative skills to push against government mandates, censorship, and false claims about COVID-19…
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Conversation with Mahara Daniel

Coronavirus Investigative Committee